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Preparing for the College of the Future

Education—an industry that was previously immune to any kind of change is shaken to the core due to the current global pandemic. It has redefined traditional forms of learning and vocational training to broaden horizons. It also allows you to build a lifelong relationship between students, teachers, the environment, and other members of the facility. However, today it is impossible due to the virtual setup. As the world is progressing toward digitization, it has become highly important to prepare for the changing times. Students who are nearing towards the end of their high school education need to focus on the requirements of the coming times. Here are a few ways to stay on top of the game while being under the lockdown:  

Stay Ahead in College Application

Most of the school senior students had applied for the college before the lockdown and waited to hear for the results. But the current circumstances have delayed the process as colleges have extended the deadline for form submission. So, instead of waiting for the reply, you can reach out to the colleges and universities you have applied to find the results. You may get an instant outcome, but it’s more likely that the institute would ask you to wait longer.  

Learn College Requirements

Getting into a college is not easy. There are certain admission criteria that you need to fulfill for ensuring selection and acceptance. Therefore, you need to know the requirements and develop the said skills. Earlier, colleges needed you to clear the SAT or ACT that takes place during the summers. But the current lockdown has made alternate changes, causing colleges and universities to alter their set processes. You can check the official websites or talk to counselors to stay updated with the latest requirements.  

Take Virtual Campus Tours

What should students do who have received their acceptance letter? Under normal circumstances, the next step was a college or university tour were talking to current students, check out the premises can be high invaluable for decision-making. But the pandemic has locked doors, snatching away the opportunity for campus visits. However, colleges are now offering virtual tours to enable students for a similar experience. They even have posted videos related to university functions, class demonstrations, and other in-house activities. You can also chat with the school representatives for further information.  

Talk to School Counselors

Although schools have closed, distance learning propagates, offering different facilities to the students. Depending on the college, you can talk to administrators, therapists, and counselors, working in conjunction with teachers to improve the college application process. They also provide you with the insights and information related to application acceptance that you may otherwise not find. Furthermore, school counselors are also aware of children’s interests and capabilities. Therefore, they can make a suitable recommendation  

Build Time Management Skills

Time management is a tricky skill that requires years of practice before you excel. As you enter college or university, you’ll soon drown in heaps of assignments and other projects. Hence, time management is core to survive the college years. Use a spreadsheet to chart down your daily routine or use a time management tool for intricate planning. You can dedicate a certain number of hours for particular activities and follow it to the maximum to ensure everything is done on time. This lockdown phase is an ideal time to prep and hone your time management skills.  

Work for College Savings

College is an extremely expensive level of education. The admission fee is high, but you also plan for accommodation and travel costs along with the learning material expenses. Your college loan may cover up the tuition, but what about the rest of the expenditures? Thus, you require budget planning or an extra source of income to cover your education bills. Earlier, colleges would offer an on-campus job, but this seems impossible in the current times. You may look for a part-time job in your vicinity or search for virtual opportunities to generate money. For professional financial advice, you can talk to an AFBN representative, who holds the expertise in guiding students for their college expenses.

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