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Military Family Finances: Choosing a Credit Card

Credit card offers: They are everywhere! And they all sound so attractive. "0% APR until next year!" "No fee if you transfer a balance now!" "Low fixed rate!" If you're looking for a credit card, make sure to consider all of the following information before selecting the best offer.

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Military Family Finances: Establishing a Budget

Establishing a Budget: Military Families

Do you often find yourself wondering where your money goes every month? If you are feeling like it's becoming more difficult to get ahead, you are not alone. Many military families are feeling the pressure to stay on top of monthly bills, especially during this holiday season. If this is you, now is the time to start evaluating your spending and establish a budget.

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Military: Avoiding Credit Traps

It's hard to imagine functioning in today's society without access to credit. As a member of the military, you may be enticed to use credit to purchase the things you want while on a limited military salary. However, be careful not to fall victim to some of the pitfalls associated with credit card use.

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Military Finances Part 2: Paying Off Outstanding Credit Card Balances

Part 2 paying off credit cards

Part 2 discusses more ways to pay off credit card balances. Credit card debt can sometimes become overwhelming, especially when presented with the temptation to spend. High credit limits with low interest rates can become an attraction many young families are not properly equipped to handle when the bill becomes due. Military families are often left to wonder if they will be able to pay off their balances before the interest rate increases. Or, worse yet, the bills stack up and you become unable to cover all of your monthly expenses.

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Are you overspending? How military families can cut costs

Military members overspending and cutting costs

Most military families are on a limited budget these days. Often families are living in communities where a household is normally supported with a duel income (husband and wife have steady full-time employment). Military spouses often find it difficult to land good employment in the communities where they are stationed. No matter how tightly you try to control your spending or how strictly you follow your spending plan, the temptation to overspend is of increasing concern for many young families. At some point you are likely to wonder how you can cut costs.

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