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How To Create An All-Star LinkedIn Profile

Do you want to become part of a community that will help connect you with people? Joining LinkedIn will allow you to apply for jobs that match your skillset and help connect you to people that can help you advance in your career. Follow this easy guide to create your LinkedIn profile.

Start with the Basics

  To sign up, go to www.linkedin.com/reg/join  
  • Use an active email when signing up so you can receive the latest updates.
  • Fill out the demographic information and add your phone number.
  • Start adding contacts by allowing LinkedIn access to your email contact list.

Choose Account Type

  LinkedIn offers two different types of accounts. One is the Basic Package and the other is the Premium Package.   The Basic Package is free but is limited to what you are allowed to post and search. People often have a loss of functionality and need to avoid going over the monthly commercial use while searching.   The Premium Package comes with a fee but allows you to have more access to the site and includes cool features such as seeing who has viewed your profile. You can even start with a free 30-day trial to see if this package would best suit your needs.  

Add Profile Picture

  Make sure you add a professional type photo to your LinkedIn account. Headshots should be at least 200×200 pixels to ensure the best quality.   It is important to have a professional headshot as it gives people the first impression of you, making them more likely to agree to a first meeting.  

Talk About Experience

  In this section, you can upload your resume or add each position manually. If manually entered, make sure that you always list the most current position you have had.   Employers are most likely to choose you based on the type of previous experience you have had in that work field.  

Add Your Skills

  The more skills listed the better in this section. You can add up to 50 skill sets however, we recommend at least listing five.   This is your chance to elaborate on what you do best. Don’t be afraid to show the world what you’re capable of!  


  Add all of the schools that you’ve attended. That will make it easier for old classmates and alumni groups to find you and connect.   You can also include education like corporate training seminars or certain certificates earned through an organization related to your field.  


  This section allows you to show your personality. Use at least 40 words to talk about your specialties. Keep in mind that it always looks better when you mention your experience and long-term goals.  

The Headline Matters

  Your headline will show up right beside your name on LinkedIn. This is your chance to make a lasting first impression. Make sure to say something interesting to catch people’s attention. That will leave them curious and wanting to know more about you.   Example: Talent Acquisition Manager at Award-Winning Eco Start-Up  

Add Additional Information

  You will want to add a variety of interests. Hobbies can translate into skills that are excellent in a working environment. Try sticking with hobbies that can be professionally relevant, they can show devotion to the job that you are trying to get.  

Create A Personalized URL

  Having a personalized URL will make it easier for others to find you. It will need to be between 5 and 30 characters.   Overall, make sure to have confidence and think outside the box. People like professionalism but they also like realism.

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